Mono-MIDI Interface

Mono-MIDI offers a comprehensive implementation of the MIDI standard.

A high accuracy Analog Devices DAC minimises tuning errors with sufficient resolution to implement Pitch Bend too.
Velocity and aftertouch outputs enable expressive playing, complimented by modulation-wheel support.
MIDI channel can be auto-detected or fixed with an onboard rotary switch.

Legato and Retrigger
When playing legato a retrigger output is provided for e.g. ADSRs.

Sequencer support
MIDI Clock is decoded and divided by 1, 2, 4, 6, 8 and 12, for clocking external modules . The division factor is set by the Rate knob when the arpeggiator isn't in use.

When multiple notes are played simultaneously they can be arpeggiated at a selectable rate. If a sustain peddle is used with the keyboard, the notes can be held after release, until the sustain itself is released.

Bus CV and Gate
The Mono-MIDI connects both the CV and Gate signals to the power bus. This provides some pre-patching and reduces the number of cables required.
Key Data

Module Depth:


Power Connector:

Doepfer 16-pin shrouded header

Current Consumption:

+12 Volts, 65mA
-12 Volts, 60mA
+5 Volts <2mA

Reverse-Power Protection:


Panel Width:

8HP (40.6mm)

Panel Options:

White powder-coated aluminium.