Voltage Controlled Filter

This VCF is a classic cascaded four-pole design, with a few enhancements.

High linearity.

The filter is designed with enough distortion to have character, but not dominate the overall sound.

Voltage-Controlled Resonance.
In addition to a resonance control, an external voltage modifies resonance to enhance expression, perhaps from aftertouch or velocity from a keyboard interface

Integrated VCA.
A second output is controlled by an internal VCA, either to reduce the module count in minimal systems, or add tremolo effects.

Bus CV.
The CV2 input is normalised to the CV signal on the power bus. With no input the filter tuning is controlled by anything that drives this signal (like the Liivatera Mono-MIDI) without need for any patch cables.
Key Data

Module Depth:


Power Connector:

Doepfer 16-pin shrouded header

Current Consumption:

+12 Volts, 65mA
-12 Volts, 60mA

Reverse-Power Protection:


Panel Width:

12HP (60.8mm)

Panel Options:

White powder-coated aluminium, natural anodised aluminium and black anodised aluminium.