Dual Envelope Generator & VCA

This dual ADSR has a few hidden features.

Voltage Controlled Amplifier.

If a signal is connected to the In socket, the channel works as a combined ADSR and VCA, otherwise the output is the ADSR signal as normal.

If the channel is in Sustain mode, a positive pulse on the retrigger input returns the channel to Attack phase. Useful when playing legato.

Bus Gate normalisation.
The Gate input on both channels is normalised to the Gate signal on the bus. This pre-patching can reduce the number of cables required.
Key Data

Module Depth:


Power Connector:

Doepfer 16-pin shrouded header

Current Consumption:

+12 Volts, 65mA
-12 Volts, 60mA

Reverse-Power Protection:


Panel Width:

12HP (60.8mm)

Panel Options:

White powder-coated aluminium, natural anodised aluminium and black anodised aluminium.