Five Attenuverters.
Each input amplifier can be individually scaled between +1 and -1,

Five Offset Voltages.
With no input signal these can be used as static control voltages, or can offset the input signal. Turn an LFO into an EG instantly. Bi-colour LED's indicate the output voltage, so it's easy to see if a signal crossing zero-volts.

Versatile Mixing.
If a jack isn't plugged into an output socket, the output is automatically summed into the output of the channel below.

Five-Channel Mixer.
The five outputs are summed to produce a sixth output that has a master level control.
Key Data

Module Depth:


Power Connector:

Doepfer 10-pin shrouded header

Current Consumption:

+12 Volts, 35mA
-12 Volts, 35mA

Reverse-Power Protection:


Panel Width:

16HP (81.2mm)

Panel Options:

White powder-coated aluminium, natural anodised aluminium and black anodised aluminium.